AC Entrance Panel and Hardwired Protection

Comm-Omni can provide surge protection consulting and protectors for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.

AC Entrance panel protectors are installed between the incoming power from the Utility and the breaker panel of a building. They are typically shunt devices diverting Utility and Lightning surges to an outside ground. They are available in single-, bi- and three-phase and 120/240 to 480 or 600 VAC.

Prices range from $35.00 each for small residential or individual motor protectors to $5000.00 for 225 Amp Maximum Surge Current protection utilizing redundant modular replacement protectors.

AC Hardwire protectors are used for motor controllers and/or branch panels. Some listed here are board mountable.

AC Surge Protectors

Entrance Panel

     Modular External Mounted Suppressors

     Integral Mounted Suppressors

    Non-Modular Chase Nipple Suppressors

Hardwire Equipment Mount or PC Board Mount Surge Protection


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