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The TE/HPS Series is a modular parallel suppressor designed for service entrance or downstream panelboard applications. The TE/HPS is a multi-stage suppression circuit consisting of field proven, fast acting 40mm MOVs. Each surge suppression module is individually fused and utilizes APT’s Patent Pending TranSafe circuitry with thermal cutout to ensure safe operation during severe over-voltages and high fault current conditions. The suppression elements are encapsulated in UL Listed and Patented Ceramgard ® providing another level of safety. 

A filter network is added to provide wave shape smoothing and a high level of EMI/RFI noise attenuation. On-line diagnostics continuously monitor the unit status and feature redundant LEDs to signal a reduction in surge capacity or loss of a suppression circuit. All APT products are designed and tested in accordance with the recommendations and procedures of ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and C62.45. The TE/HPS is UL 1449 Second Edition Listed, and qualified for service entrance applications under Section 37.3 for their most severe, 25kA, fault current test.


Design Features

bulletIndividually Fused Suppression Modules
bulletThermal Cutout
bulletCopper Bus Bar Connection (1/4" Bus Bar)
bulletSolid State Bi-directional
bulletRedundant Operational Indicators (LED) to indicate loss of protection or circuit fully operational
bulletHigh Energy Parallel Design for Category C3 applications
bulletFor External Mounting Next to Panelboards, Switchgear, or Motor Control Centers
bulletAC Tracking Filter with EMI/RFI Filtering up to -50dB from 100kHz to 100MHz


bulletFive Year Warranty: Includes Unlimited Module replacement
bulletBurn-in Tested Prior to Shipment
bulletShort Circuit Withstand Tested to 100KAIC

Performance Features

bulletSurge Capacity                       L-N            N-G 

                                 120kA/phase   120k           120k
0kA/phase   160k           160k

bulletUL 1449 Second Edition Recognized, 1283 recognized, and CUL
bullet 200KAIC Rated Fusing
bulletLess than 1/2 Nanosecond Response Time
bullet5000 Category C3 Impulses with <10% Drift

Environmental Features

bulletRelative Humidity Range: 0 - 95% Non-condensing
bulletOperating Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
bulletOperating Temperature: -40oC to +65oC
bulletMounted on Backplane
bulletStandard Size: 10.75"x10.88"x4.5" (LxWxD)
bulletWeight: 9.5 Lbs.



Service Voltage





TE/1HPS 120/240V Split Phase 330 330 700 150
TE/11HPS 120V Single Phase 330 330   150
TE/12HPS 240 Single Phase 600 600   275
TE/2HPS 120/208V 3-Phase, Wye 330 330 700 150
TE/3HPS 120/240V 3-Phase hi-leg Delta 330/700 330 700/1200 150/275
TE/4HPS 277/480 3-Phase WYE 700 600 1200 320
TE/5HPS 480V 3-Phase De;ta     1500 575
TE/51HPS 480V 3-Phase corner grnd Delta     1500 575
TE/6HPS 240V 3-Phase Delta     700 275
TE/61HPS 240V 3-Phase Corner grnd Delta     700 275
TE/7HPS 220/380V 3-Phase Wye 700 600 1200 320
TE/8HPS 347/600V 3-phase Wye 1000 900 1800 420
TE/9HPS 600V 3-Phase Delta     1800 750
TE/91HPS 600V 3-Phase corner grnd Delta     1800 750


Optional Features

/CX Module Option increases the surge current capacity from 80kA/phase to 120kA/phase.
Module Option increases the surge current capacity from 120kA/phase to 160kA/phase.
Integral Disconnect Switch when a spare 3 pole breaker is not available for connecting the
  suppressor, order with an internal disconnect.
  [Increases size to 16"x14"x6 (LxWxD)] Other disconnect options available.

The Dry Contacts monitor each phase providing a summary alarm. The contacts are   terminated in a DB-9 connector.
Remote Monitor with indicator lights and audible alarm is available for use with the Dry Contact Option.
Surge Counter option monitors the occurrence of transients entering the facility through the suppressor and is supplied with a lithium battery to provide power to the counter in the event of a power failure.
Flush Mount option replaces the standard surface mount enclosure.
NEMA 3R enclosure.
NEMA 4 enclosure.
NEMA 4X enclosure.
NEMA 12 enclosure.

Ordering information for Optional Features should be appended to the model number and seperated by a slash(/).

Example: TE/2HPS/CL/DS