Telephone Station Protectors


Circa 1357
Circa 1357


Replaces Reltec 394EW


Features & Benefits:

bulletAccepts up to two 1356 gas or 1360 solid
state type station protection modules
Easy installation
bulletUltra-violet weather resistant housing
bulletLid locks into position
bulletRemovable knock-out and guides on back of unit to mount onto
3/4'conduit and/or conduit connector
bulletScalloped body design allows for easy replacement of protector module
bulletGround post molded directly into the housing; therefore the unit does not 
require an additional T-post ground adapter
bulletIncludes flexible rubber grommet at wire entrance
bulletIncludes universal mounting screws


The 1357 station protection enclosure offers cost effective over-voltage protection for residential applications when combined with the 1356 or 1360 station protectors up to and including two pairs. It is also ideal for expanding services for smaller installations which do not require a building entrance terminal.

Design Specifications:

bulletconstructed of durable high impact U.L. 94V rated plastic material
bulletmeets or exceed specifications set forth in U.L. 497

Circa 1357 table

Dimensions: 4.78"H x 3.2"W x 2.17"D

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