Building Entrance Terminals




1890 Series

Features & Benefits:


Provides cost effective multi-pair protection for high density applications
26 AWG swivel stub serves as a fuse link and is equipped with a heavy duty 
strain relief and encapsulated cable connector

bullet External three position ground lug for building ground or connecting additional units
bullet Built in stand off bracket allows for easy distribution cable routing
bullet Stackable to allow future expansion with additional units
bullet Available in 25, 50 and 100 pair configurations
bullet Accepts industry standard 5 pin
protection module 1890SP


The Circa 1890 Series of building entrance terminals are designed to provide over voltage and/or current protection for commercial multi-pair applications such as shopping centers, hospitals, apartment complexes and large campus environments. The swivel input stub allows for incoming termination to be from the top or bottom of the unit.



Design Specifications:

bulletconstructed from 16 AWG steel
bulletpowder epoxy coated chassis
bulletplastic components meet or exceed specifications set forth in U.L. 497
bulletcable stub is equipped with a potted "moisture proof" dam


NOTE: Click on each part number for picture - Dimensional Drawing Links are found below this table.
Model No. # of Pairs Input Output Dimensions
(H" x W" x D")
Weight (lbs)
1890BC1-25 25 25 ft 26 AWG shielded cable 66 block 6.0x8.5x5.0 9
1890BC1-50 50 25 ft. 26 AWG shielded cable 66 block 10.25x8.5x5.5 18
1890BC1-100 100 25 ft 26 AWG shielded cable 66 block 20.25x8.5x5.5 27
1890ECM1-25 25 MS2 connector 66 block 7.5x11.5x5.25 8
1890ECM1-50 50 MS2 connector 66 block 9.2x15.25x4.75 15
1890ECM1-100 100 MS2 connector 66 block 11.75x19.0x4.7 26
1890ECS1-25 25 710 connector 66 block 7.5x11.5x5.25 8
1890ECS1-50 50 710 connector 66 block 9.2x15.25x4.75 15
1890ECS1-100 100 710 connector 66 block 11.75x19.0x4.7 26
1890ECT1-25 25 66 block 66 block 7.5x11.5x5.25 8
1890ECT1-50 50 66 block 66 block 9.2x15.25x4.75 15
1890ECT1-100 100 66 block 66 block 11.75x19.0x4.7 27
1890NSC-25 25 66 block 66 block 8.25x8.5x3.75 5
1890NSC-50 50 66 block 66 block 8.75x11.5x4.5 8.5
1890NSC-100 100 66 block 66 block 11.0x15.0x4.5 12

*Unit is equipped with cover over incoming connection and protection modules Protection modules ordered separately.

Cable Ordering Guide

Designations for the available cable types:
"A" 24 AWG shielded, "B" 24 AWG unshielded, "C" 26 AWG shielded, "D" 26 AWG unshielded,
"F" 22 AWG shielded, "F" 22 AWG shielded, grease filled, "C" 19 AWG shielded, grease filled
1. Apply the first six digits of the "order no."
2. Incoming cable (if applicable) - apply "letter designation" for proper cable gauge
3. Incoming cable (if applicable) - numerically mark cable length

i.e. unit with incoming cable 26 AWG, 30 ft. - - - - - - C30


bullet 1890BC1-25
bullet 1890BC1-50
bullet 1890BC1-100
bullet 1890ECM1-25
bullet 1890ECM1-50
bullet 1890ECM1-100
bullet 1890ECS1-25
bullet 1890ECS1-50
bullet 1890ECS1-100
bullet 1890ECT1-25
bullet 1890ECT1-50
bullet 1890ECT1-100
bullet 1890NSC1-25
bullet 1890NSC1-50
bullet 1890NSC1-100

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