Building Entrance Blocks

Circa 3500p

3000P Series




Features & Benefits:

bulletWeather resistant U.L. V94 rated plastic housing
bulletAvailable in 6, 10, 12 and 25 pair configurations
bulletTermination options IDC (66 clip) and bix available
bulletMay be used in place of network interface device
bulletEliminates requirement for internal closet space
bulletSecurity fasteners restrict access to authorized personnel only


The Circa 3500P series of outdoor building entrance terminals are designed to offer over-voltage and/or current protection specifically for low pair count outdoor applications. Internal components are housed within a durable, U.L. V94 rated, weather resistant plastic housing. These units are ideal for small pair count applications where the line capacity of a standard network interface device has been exceeded but does not warrant the installation of a full size terminal. These units are commonly found in installations such as multifamily dwellings, trailer courts, small apartment complexes, etc. They can also be used as add-on additions where the capacity of a larger terminal has been maximized.

Design Specifications:

bulletU.L. 94 rated plastic housing
bulletplastic components meet or exceed specifications set forth in U.L. 497
bulletU.V. resistant housing
bulletmetal components are powder epoxy coated


Circa 3500p table

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