Central Office Connectors

Circa 4000

4400 Series


Features & Benefits:

bulletMaximum density space saving unit
bulletAccepts a wide variety of industry standard protection modules
bulletUser-friendly front facing cross conned field and test blocks
bulletIDC style connector clips accepts NT QTH38B or Reliance RQC99 termination tools
bulletUnit marked for easy pair identification
bulletLarge, well-spaced fanning strips allows for clean jumper wire management connections


The Circa 4400 Central Office Connector series is designed to provide over-voltage and/or over-voltage and current protection for central office and private automatic branch exchange equipment (PABX).

Design Specifications:

Due to its compact design, the 4400 series is ideally suited to high density, vertical frame applications while utilizing an industry standard 5 pin protection module

U.L. Standard:

Where applicable, all plastic materials used in the manufacturing of the 4400 series meets or exceeds the flame retardant requirements set forth in accordance with Underwriters Laboratory standard 94V.0

Dimensions - 8.4 x 7.4 x 4.5

Protection modules ordered separately.


Cable Ordering Guide

Designations for the available cable types:

"A" 24 AWG shielded, "B" 24 AWG unshielded, "C" 26 AWG shielded, "D" 26 AWG unshielded, "E" 22 AWG shielded, "F" 22 AWG shielded, grease filled, "G" 19 AWG shielded, grease filled

1. Apply the first six digits of the "order no."
2. Outgoing cable (if applicable) - apply "leffer designation" for proper cable gauge
3. Outgoing cable (if applicable) - numerically mark cable length in feet

i.e. unit with outgoing cable 24 AWG, 30 ft._ _ _ _ _ A30



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