Building Entrance 5-Pin Modules

C3SS Series Asymmetrical Operation



The C3SS data series of 5 pin solid state protector modules are designed to provide superior transient and power fault protection for most data line applications, including RS-232. The C3SS is an ideal replacement for applications using 30 volt, 600 & 1500 Watt avalanche and zener diodes. The 30 volt SIDACTOR technology's 75 Amp l0xl000 psec surge rating is over twice that of a typical 1500 Watt, 30 volt avalanche diode or zener diode. With a capacitance rating < l00pf of capacitance at 1Mhz, 20VDC bias, the C3SS is dramatically superior to the > 550pf normally found with diode technologies. Normal breakdown voltage operation for the C3SS is 27-36 VDC with a nominal rating of 30 VDC.


The C3SS series is well suited to most data line protection applications including RS-232, where added protection is required. These products also provide superior protection for most digital (low loop voltage) telecom applications.

Features & Benefits

bulletSolid state technology provides nanosecond response time
bulletBetter surge capability than zener or avalanche diodes
bulletLower capacitance than diodes
bulletLonger lifespan than conventional gas tube and carbon arrestors
bulletUL listed Documented safe performance
bulletExternal failsafe mechanism which permanently grounds module under sustained high current conditions
bulletReduced "let through" of dangerous transients
bulletReliable protection, even under adverse fault conditions
bulletBetter circuit performance
bulletReduced service calls
bulletSafe mode operation in adverse situations


Model No. Order No. Pin Color
C3SS-TTB 735020 tin black
C3SS-TTR 735021 tin red
C3SS-GTB 735022 gold black
C3SS-GTR 735022 gold red






  DC Breakdown (nominal)




30Vdc (27-36V)

1Vrms@1KHZ, 50VDC



  Peak Pulse Current (max)1


  Insulation Resistance


 @ 8x20 Ásec



>100M ohms

@10x 160 Ásec



@10 x 1000 Ásec


Fail- safe Operation


@1.0 A

<50 sec

  Holding Current

50 (min)

 @5.0 A

<15 sec


@20 A

>10 sec

Surge life
(min operations)2


@60 A

<3 sec

@10A, 10 x 1000 Ásec



@100A, 10 x 1000 Ásec



@1Arms, 1 sec



@10 Arms, 1 sec



Special overcurrent or sneak current versions available upon request (PTC self resetting polymer fuses).
1total surge rating is 2x listed with respect to ground during a simultaneous surge
2service life requirement as per Bellcore TR-NWT-000974
3pin alloy refers to tip and ring pins. Unless otherwise noted, all ground pins are tin

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