Antenna and Coaxial Surge Protection


Surge Protection for Antennas is available from Comm-Omni to protect from Lightning only or Lightning and NEMP. Broad frequency ranges of DC to 1.5 GHz (specials) to single frequency filtered models are featured. Protection units can be made to 20 Ghz and are available in XMIT, XCV, RO and Combiner models with bulkhead and flange mounts. BNC, SMA and F male and female connectors are stocked with some UHF connectors standard when appropriate. Other connectors are available as options.

Many of these surge protectors feature a patented DC-blocked pin enabling many of our protectors to withstand a "direct hit" without damaging the protector.

Special grounding hardware for towers is available along with expert consulting. We currently have installations and have provided consulting for the US Military, Microwave carriers, TV and Radio Stations, and hundreds of Amateur Radio operators.

Below is a complete selection of our antenna surge and NEMP protectors:

Antenna Protectors

dc Type Surge Protectors


dc Type Surge Protectors with Isolated Shield

dc Blocked Surge Protectors

dc Blocked and Grounded Surge Protectors

dc Injector/dc Path Surge Protectors


Combiner Surge Protectors

Special Application - Satellite Dish Surge Protectors

RF Coupled Shield/DC Blocked Surge Protectors

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