Lightning & Surge Protection Specialists


Comm-Omni can provide you with surge protection to guarantee that your customer site is truly secure.

Surge protectors are available for Automatic Gate Openers, Card Readers, Low Voltage Signal Lines, Computer Data Lines, Cameras, Intercoms, Alarm Panels, etc. For SECURITY OEM's we have micro-components and devices to design into your equipment to enhance the salability of your products.

Fire, Sound, Security & Video Surge Protectors

Zone, Loop & Data Surge Protection

  • PB Series Low voltage alarm/sound/video protection, for intercom, speakers
  • PC-642 Low Voltage Modular Protector with Terminal Socket
  • PH Series Low voltage, High Current Modular Protector with Terminal Socket
  • FAS-1 & FAS-2 Series Zone, Loop & Data Protectors
  • TER Series Zone, Loop & Data Protector

Telephone Line Surge Protection

Sound System Surge Protection

Coaxial Surge Protection

AC Power Surge Protection

For more information on specific products or other types of protection see the Comm-Omni International Main Index, or contact our expert consultants at the addresses and numbers below.

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