Question: Does it make a difference how the PC642 Is wired into the circuit?

Answer: Yes. The PC642 must be wired "IN LINE" with your signal pairs. This means that the pair must be "broken" and the PC642 placed in series with the pair.

Question:  How do I connect the pairs to the PC642 base?

Answer:  The protector has an unprotected side (strong side) and a protected side (fast side). The protector base consists of odd numbered (3,5,7,9) screw connections to terminate the field wiring (away from protected equipment). The protector base also consists of even numbered (2,4,6,8) screw connections to terminate the wiring to your sensitive equipment.

Question: After I wire the protector base, how do I know the PC642 is plugged in correctly?

Answer: A key pin (white nylon) should be located between positions I and 2 of the protector base (PCB I B). Verify that the key pin is in the proper position.

Question: What happens if the PC642 is plugged in backwards?

Answer: You will experience pre~mature protector failure, and possibly damage to your equipment.

Question: I notice that screw connections I and 10 are both labeled "GROUND". Do I need to connect both to ground?

Answer: No, 1 and 10 are internally connected, so connect only 1 or 10 to ground.

Question: I have several PC642 protectors to install. Can I daisy chain grounds, to screw connection I to screw connection 10 of the next unit?

Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT. Each PC642 protector must have a ground wire connected to the local (at equipment)

Question: Where do I connect the ground wire?

Answer: To the power ground (green wire ground) of the protected equipment.

Question: Does ground wire length make any difference? If so, how long?

Answer: Absolutely, the shorter the better. Keep the ground wire less than 1 foot?

Question: I understand that, but show me a convenient ~ace to connect it?

Answer: A good question. Implementing a short ground can be a problem, but it is critically important. EDCO has developed some AC suppressors with a convenient ground lug built in (G VERSION PRODUCTS, see data sheets). This ground wire from the PC642 should connect to the ground lug on the AC Suppressor, or it should be bonded to chassis ground. Make sure a good clean metal to metal contact is made, and make sure green wire ground is connected to the chassis.

Question: I still am not sure I can keep the ground wire less than I foot?

Answer: The data or signal pair may have to be re-routed to a location where the PC642 suppressor is located near the AC power outlet, or chassis ground.

Question: What about my panel that has no AC power supplied to it, power is supplied down the signal conductors. How do I ground the PC642's?

Answer: Bond to the closest building approved ground point. Also provide surge protection between signal conductors and the ground conductor.

Question: Can I run ground wires inside mctal conduits?

Answer: Yes, but only if the ground wire is bonded to the conduit at each end.

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