EDCO Telecom/Datacom Surge Protection Products


CX-HFN Series

The CX-HF Series is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage due to excessive voltage currents generated by lightning or static build-up. These protectors offer low signal loss at frequencies up to 3 gigahertz. The unit also has a replaceable protection cartridge.

The CX-HF Series is available with a mounting and grounding stud and bulkhead mount.


Frequency 0-3000MHz
Insertion Loss <0.5 db 2000 to 3000MHz
VSWR <1.30: 1000 to 2000MHz
Characteristic Impedance 50 Ohms
DC Blocking None
Connectors Female N-Type
Breakdown Voltage 20 to 30V
Surge Current 5000 Amps
Cartridge Life >600 Times @ 500 Amp pulse
Size (WxHxL) 1" x 1.25" x .875"
Mounting Stud 1/2 x 20