Fire & Security

FAS-1 and FAS-2 Series


The FAS-1 and FAS-2 Series is a multi-stage single or two pair surge suppressor designed for high exposure applications. These products were specifically designed to meet multiple low voltage protection applications in the fire and security industry.

Features & Benefits

bulletLightning Protection for Low Voltage DatalSignal Lines
bulletMulti-Stage Protection
bulletCommon Mode Protection
bulletAutomatic Recovery
bulletFast Response Time
bulletUL 497B Listed


 Peak Surge current (10 Times):  
8 x 20us 10ka (2500A per line)
10x700us 500A per line
Life Expectancy:  
8 x 20us (2000A_ >100X
10 x 700us (400A) >100X
Response Time <1ns
Clamping Voltage 18, 33 or 60V
Technology SAD Hybrid
Series Resistance 0.2 Ohms/pr.
Capactiance (average 1500pf
Operating Temperature -40o to +85oC
Weight 4 oz
Dimensions(inches)H x W x L

(1) 2.0 x 1.5 x 1.0

(2) 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.5

Ordering Information

12V Systems Use: FAS-1-018HC (single pair)
                              FAS-2-018HC (two pair)
24V Systems Use: FAS-1-033HC (single pair)
                              FAS-2-033HC (two pair)
48V Systems Use: *FAS-1-060HC (single pair)
                             *FAS-2-060HC (two pair)


Caution: The hybrid design of this product includes series resistance. Do not place this product in service on any signal line capable of supplying more than 2.5 Amperes continuously.

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