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The FAS-TEL and FAS-31XT are single pair Telephone or Data Line Protectors that implement advanced two stage hybrid design. These units address over voltage transients with silicon breakover devices, while sneak and fault currents are mitigated with new "PTC' technology which consist of solid state resettable fuses.

FAS-31XT replaces the RJ3 IX jack with a protected version. Four screw terminals are provided to wire the protector in the same manner as a standard RJ3 IX jack. The FAS-3IXT can be used alone or as an accessory to the TS500G or TS-500F AC Power Surge Protector. The TS-500G and TS-500F provide a convenient grounding point for the FAS-31XT I FAS-TEL ground wire.

The FAS-TEL is nearly identical to the FAS-31XT except without the shorting bars. Two screw terminals are provided to connect Telco Line to protector. Protected equipment such as modems, are plugged into female modular jack on the FAS-TEL.

Features & Benefits

bullet<1 Nanosecond Response Time
bulletSolid-State Silicon
bulletBreakover Technology
bulletLow Capacitance
bulletOver Current Protection
bulletUL 497A Listed
bulletLine-to-Line Protection
bulletLine-to-Ground Protection
bulletPolyswitch Resettable Fuses - PTCs


Part Number Max Peak Signal Voltage Nominal Breakdown Voltage Max Current
Ip 10x1000µs
Typ Cap (pf) Max Clamp Voltage
Fas-Tel-015T 12 15 124 200 2100
Fas-Tel-030T 24 30 71 38 1180
Fas-Tel-050T 43 50 45 57 900
Fas-Tel-060T 52 60 36 66 750
Fas-Tel-200T 220 270 200A (T-G, R-G) 10* 100
Fas-31X 220 270 200A (T-G, R-G) 10 100

All protectors: Max Continuous Current: 150ma; Nominal Series Resistance 8 Ohms

* NOTE: Forward Voltage After Breakover



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