Branch Panel Surge Protection
Edco HP Series

The HP Series is a modular, state of the art branch panel surge protection system.

Plug-in, field replaceable modules are featured with special keyed connectors to assure the proper module is employed on each type of HP model. This feature offers added safety sometime overlooked in competitive models.

Each surge protection module has built-in diagnostic circuitry that continually monitors its condition. Status is displayed with LED indicators. In addition, each module can be monitored remotely by the Remote Status Monitor Optio


bulletField-Replaceable Plug-In Modules (per phase)
bulletHybrid Protection Technology
bulletSpare Module Position
bulletCommon Mode Surge Protection Option
bulletPer Module Diagnostics
bulletRemote Monitor Unit Option
bulletEasy BMS Interface
bulletAll Modules Safety Fused
bulletNEMA- 12 Waterproof Enclosure (standard)
bulletNEMA-4X Stainless Steel (optional)
bulletUL 1449 Listed


Additional Common Mode Protection (N-G)
module inserted in the spare module position provides this feature. The diagnostic features of the module are not utilized in this position.
Remote Monitor Unit (RMU-100)
Monitors status of HP remotely up to 2000 feet.
LEDs and the audible alarm indicate HP status. The audible alarm can be disabled by merely pressing a button.

The RMU-100 can be interfaced with most current types of Building Management Systems (BMS).

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