Telecom/Datacom Surge Protectors

H Series - PBX/KSU Protector with Resettable PTCs & Fuses

The H-Series modules are ultra high speed fused solid state secondary surge protectors for KEY/PABX systems. The units are available in three different clamping voltages. The H-Series is constructed with solid state silicon foldback technology, polyswitch resettable fuses - PTC's, and failure fuses. These surge protection modules are intended to be used in conjunction with proper primary surge protectors (UL 497). The protective elements switch from the normal high impedance state to a low impedance state upon a detection of a surge, then switch back to high impedance after the surge has passed. The H-Series single pair modules fit onto a standard M1-50 split block and replace the bridging clips. In addition, these modules require an MGB Ground Rail for each M1-50 block used.



HCO-CO lines


HAE - Analog Extensions


HDE - Digital Extensions


TTA-2 Test Point Tool available


Part No. UL Breakdown Voltage Max Peak Pulse Current
Ip 10x 1000Ás
Typical Capacitance (pf) Max Continuous
HCO 300-380 200A 100 145mA
HAE 200-310 200A 100 145mA
HDE 75-85 200A 100 160mA


Caution: The hybrid design of this product includes series resistance. Do not place this product in service on any signal lines capable of more than 150 milliamperes continuously.

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