Telecom/Datacom Surge Protectors


LANBLK 24-5 with CAT5 protection modules exceeds Category 5 EIA/TIA 568A signal transmission values for connectors. Next: Exceeds -40 db on any pair combination. Attenuation: Less than -0.4 db per pair


The LANBLK Series is a high density assembly designed to house EDCO LAN PROTECTION MODULES. The modules can protect up to four pairs each and simply plug on the LANBLK assembly. The protection modules are sold separately from the LANBLK assembly (see application chart below).

The LANBLK Series utilizes the TYPE 110 (AT&T) connection system, and is capable of terminating solid or stranded 20-26 AWG wire. Wiring is one-to-one vertically down the assembly, input to output. The LANBLK Series is configured to accept Category 5, four pair wiring in the following sets:

LANBLK-24-5   6 Module Capacity
LANBLK-8-5     2 Module Capacity
LANBLK-4-5     1 Module Capacity

Lab report available for review.

Features & Benefits

bulletExceeds CAT. 5 Transmissions Values
bulletHigh Density (24 pair)
bulletUtilizes Standard EDCO LAN Protection Modules
bulletUL Catcgory 5 Certified
bulletUL 497B Listed


Unprotected wiring (from the field) should terminate on "UNPROTECTED" side of assembly. Protected wiring to equipment should terminate on "PROTECTED" side of assembly. A minimum 10 gauge ground wire should connect LANBLK to Building Approved ground, following recognized procedures ( see TECHNICAL BULLETIN # 1090).

The LANBLK Series can be mounted in the following ways:

  1. On any flat surface via 4 mounting holes.
  2. Snap on 66 typeTelecom wiring standoff

Ordering Information

LANBLK Series includes only the high density connection block. Order any combination of LAN PROTECTION MODULES to suit your needs. See below

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