Telecom/Datacom Signal Line Sure Protection Products
LCDP Series

The LCDP Series is designed to conveniently protect 8 wire, low voltage data circuits which employs two RJ-45 jacks for easy installation. The LCDP utilizes silicon avalanche (solid-state) surge  suppression technology, and exhibits very low capacitance to accommodate high data rates. This unit is designed to operate on data rates including 10-Base-T.

NOTE: These isolated loop circuit surge protectors are intended for indoor use only on communication loop circuits which have been isolated from the Public Switched Telephone Network. The communication loop circuits shall not be exposed to accidental contact with electric light or power conductors.


bullet<1 Nanosecond Response Time
bulletLow Capacitance n Silicon Avalanche Design
bulletLine-to-Line Protection
bulletRJ-45 / 4 Pair Protection (8 wire)
bulletLine-to-Ground Protection


Connector Type: RJ-45 Peak Surge Current (8x20Ás): 300A
Peak Surge Current (10x700Ás: 60A
Life Expectancy: >1000
Typical Capacitance (pf): <70 pf

Part Number DC Breakover Voltage
LCDP-0008 8 Volts
LCDP-015 15 Volts
LCDP-030 30 Volts

The user equipment plugs into the LCDP's equipment (protected) side, and the LCDP's line (unprotected) side is connected to the incoming line. All 8 conductors are protected. The green ground wire must be bonded to the protected equipment power ground (third wire, green wire safety ground). Do not add length to the ground wire, for it must be kept as short as possible. For proper grounding methods, refer to EDCO Technical Bulletin #1090 located in the back of the 1998 catalog.

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