Telecom/Datacom Signal Line Surge 
Protection Products
LCHP Series

LCHP modules are low capacitance hybrid surge protectors for use on high speed data circuits, where standard surge protectors can distort signal waveforms due to capacitance. They employ solid-state resettable fuses (PTC's), for current management, and are intended to be used on pairs without the presence of ringing voltage.

LCHP modules install on a standard 66 type punch block Replaces Bridging Clips on Ml-50 Block.


bullet<1 Nanosecond Response Time
bulletAll Mode Surge Protection
bulletLow Loss Signal Transfer
bulletUtilizes MGB Grounding Rail
bulletRugged Three Electrode Gas Tube First Stage
bulletLow Capacitance Silicon Clamping Technology
bulletUL 497B Listed
bulletMaintenance Free Fusing - PTC's


Max Surge Current (10x1000Ás):500A
Typ Capacitance (pf): 70
Max Continuous Current: 150ma
Nominal Series Resistance:5 Ohms

Part Number Max Peak Signal Voltage Nominal
 Breakdown Voltage
UL Surge Voltage
100V/Ás (TYP)
Max Let-Thru
Voltage 10x700Ás
@ 400 Amps
LCHP-015 12 15 20 20
LCHP-030 24 30 34 35
LCHP-050 43 50 58 72
LCHP-060 52 60 68 80

Caution: The hybrid design of this product includes series resistance. Do not place this product in service on any signal line capable of supplying more than 150 milliamperes continuously.


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