Telecom/Datacom Signal Line Surge Protection Products
MEGA-TEK 25 Series

The "MEGA-TEK 25 Series" surge suppressor installs directly inline with existing AMP-TYPE 25 pair cabling. This close proximity to the KSU preserves the "MEGA-TEK's" response time, clamping level and ground reference by reducing lead lengths. The "MEGA-TEK" utilizes the latest in "Plug & Play" technology super-simplifying installation. These features maximize surge suppression performance while reducing hardware and labor costs to install.

NOTE: The "MEGA-TEK" is a UL 497A telephone secondary protector and should be used in conjunction with primary telecommunication protectors (UL 497).


MEG-25-CO   Central Office Lines
MEG-25-AE   Analog Extension Lines
MEG-25-DE   Digital Extension Lines


bulletAMP-TYPE connectors
bulletAutomatic Recovery - Resettable Fusing - PTC's
bullet25 Pair Protection
bulletHigh Energy Silicon Technology
bulletUL 497A Listed
bullet< 1 Nanosecond Response Time


Caution: The hybrid design of this product includes series resistance. Do not place this product in service on any signal lines capable of more than 150 milliamperes continuously.

Installation Procedures


  1. Never install telephone wiring during a lightning storm.
  2. Disconnect telephone line at the network interface before installing the secondary protection.
  3. The MEGA-TEK series is intended for indoor use only. Plug the female AMP-TYPE connecter from the unprotected Telco cable into the male AMP-TYPE connector on the MEGA-TEK series. This is the LINE side.
  4. Plug the male AMP-TYPE connector from the local equipment cable to be protected into the female AMP-TYPE connector on the MEGA-TEK series. This is the EQUIP side.
  5. Bond the green #12 AWG stranded ground wire from the MEGA-TEK series to AC Power Ground or Building Approved Ground. For recommended grounding techniques, refer to EDCO Technical Bulletin #1090

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