Telecom/Datacom Surge Protection Products
Mod-12 Series AC and Telephone

Features & Benefits

bulletOne to twelve pair expansion
bulletReplaceable single pair protection modules
bulletOptional RJ-11 jacks (up to 6 per side)
bulletOptional RJ-45 jacks (up to 3 per side)
bulletOptional RJ-21 pigtail
bulletPunch down
bulletTest points
bulletExternal expansion capability beyond 12 pairs
bulletUL 1449 Listed


Protection for Key/PBX Systems with the MOD-12 Modular Protection System. The user can configure the required level of protection and means of termination from a menu of options.

The MOD-12 combines AC and Tip/Ring protection into one attractive, compact assembly. This innovative design creates an automatic ground window, thus eliminating the problem of ground potential difference.

Optional terminations include RJ-11, RJ-45, RJ-21 pigtail, or standard 66 type punch-down clips. Most combinations (up to 12 pairs) of the above can be configured on both the Telco and Subscriber sides. Protection is expandable from one to twelve pair in signal pair increments, and is field upgradable. In addition, test points are provided on each pair. EDCO protector types TSP, ESP, or COHP Series readily snap onto the MOD-12.

AC Options

  1. Basic internal surge protection. (standard)
  2. Plug-in Hybrid surge protection, 2 outlets (TS-1200 optional)
  3. Plug-in Hybrid/Filtering and surge protection, 2 outlets (TS-1500 optional)
  4. Plug-in Hybrid surge protection, 4 outlets (TS-I000 optional)

Tip/Ring or Data Protection

  1. Incoming C. O. lines use TSP-200
  2. Analog extensions use ESP-200T
  3. Digital extensions use ESP-050T
  4. 24V Data use COHP-030
  5. 12V Data use COHP-920


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