Telecom/Datacom Surge 
Protection Products

Net Series - Low Voltage Signal Line Protection

The NET Series is a Siecor Network Interface Line Module with built-in secondary surge protection. In addition to silicon breakover clamping technology (overvoltage) the Net Series incorporates state-of-the- art resettable overcurrent protection devices - PTC's. The overcurrent circuitry allows normal telephone currents to pass, but quickly switches to a high impedance state when objected to extended overcurrents that can damage telephone system line cards.


bulletTip to Ring protection
bulletTip, Ring to Ground protection
bulletClamping does not degrade with age
bulletSolid State over current protection
bulletUL 497A Listed
bulletResettable Fusing - PTC's


Part No. Max Peak
Signal Voltage
Breakdown vdc
Max Peak Pulse Current
1p 10x1000Ás
Typ Cap
Max Cont.
NET-015T 12 15 124 2100 150ma 8
NET-030T 24 30 71 1180 150ma 8
NET-050T 43 50 45 900 150ma 8
NET-060T 52 60 36 750 150ma 8
NET200T 180 230 200A (T-G)+(R-G) 150 150ma 8
NTE-TEL 220 300 200A (T-G+(R-G)   150ma 8

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