Fire, Sound & Video Surge Protection

PHC Series for Bell, Strobe and Speakers

The PHC Series is designed to protect two pairs of wires specifically for alarm and security systems where operating currents can be as high as 5 amps. Electrically, the PHC Surge Protection Series is a rugged series hybrid implementing a staged complement of MOV's, copper wound inductors and Silicon Avalanche Diodes. This design reduces series resistance to 0.2 Ohms per pair. These products are intended to mate with a Buchanan model PCB1B female terminal connector.

The PHC Modules plug into a base assembly (PCB1B). The base assembly can be mounted to any flat surface, and should be located as close as practical to the protected equipment. Terminal 1 and/or Terminal 10 should be connected to Building Approved ground with 14 gauge solid wire.


bulletLightning protection for low voltage signal lines
bulletThree-stage protection
bulletDifferential protection
bulletCommon mode protection
bulletPlug-in module
bulletAutomatic Recovery
bulletFast response time
bulletContinuous current up to 5 amps
bulletUL 497B listed


Peak Surge Current 5kA (8 x 20Ás*)
Occurrences at 2kA 50 typical
Response Time <1 Nanosecond
Voltage Clamp 15, 20, 30, 43, 60, 100 or 150V
Series Resistance 0.2 ohms total (per pair)
Series Inductance 136Áh total (per pair)
Temperature Range -40oC to +85oC
Weight 8 oz.
Acceptable Wire Sizes 26 to 14 AWG

*8x20 microsecond waveform is standard test waveform




24V Horn, Strobe, Bell:   PHC-043 & PCB1B
70V Speaker Lines:      PHC-SP70 & PCB1B

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