Telecom/Datacom Signal Line Surge Protection Products
RJA/RJD Series

The RJA and RJD Series are multiple pair telephone/data line surge protectors that implement advanced two stage hybrid design. These units address over-voltage transients with silicon breakover devices, while sneak and fault currents are mitigated with "PTC" technology, which consist of solid state resettable fuses.

The RJA and RJD Series incorporate RJ45 female jacks in and out. The RJA voltage clamp is set for C.O. Trunks and Analog Telephone Extensions (with ring in voltage), and the RJD voltage clamp is set for Digital Extensions (no ring in voltage). Two pair and four pair models are available.


bulletLow Capacitance
bulletLine-to-Line Protection
bulletLine-to-Ground Protection n 2 Pair or 4 Pair Protection
bullet<1 Nanosecond Response Time
bulletSolid-State Resettable Fuses - PTC's
bulletSilicon Breakover Technology
bulletCAN / CSA C22.2, No. 226-92 Compliant
bulletUL 497A Listed


Connector Type: RJ-45
Max Current Ip 10 x 1000Ás:200A (T-G) + R-G)
Max Clamp Voltage @ Ip:10 (Forward voltage after breakover)
Typ Cap (pf):100
Max Continuous Current: 150ma
Nominal Series Resistance: 8 Ohms


Part Number Pins Protected Max Peak Signal Voltage DC Breakover Voltage
RJA-14 3-6 220 280-350
RJA-45 1-8 220 280-350
RJD-14 3-6 48 55-65
RJD-45 1-8 48 55-65


The RJA and RJD Series are intended for indoor use only and shall be employed on the equipment side of a listed primary telephone protector.

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