AC and Data Surge Protector for
the Water Industry
SLAC Series



The SLAC Series surge suppressor was specifically designed to protect electronic instruments used by the water industry. It combines hybrid AC power protection and signal line protection in a NEMA 4X polycarbonate case.

The AC power surge suppressor can supply up to 600 watts (total) on two separate output connectors and has a 10 amp replaceable fuse to prevent overloading of the protective elements. An "INST PWR" LED provides visual indication that power is applied to instruments. Signal line surge protection is accomplished by the PC641 or PC642 Series in a variety of voltage clamps. Signal current can be monitored by reading the voltage across the l00hm, 1% resistors (TP1 & TP @ or TP3 & TP4). All leads going to the SLAC board are terminated by quick disconnect or barrier block connectors to facilitate easy removal for service or replacement.

Features & Benefits

bulletLightning & Surge Suppression for AC Power and Low Voltage Signal Lines
bulletSeries Hybrid AC Suppressor/Filter
bulletPlug-In Protection Module for One or Two Pair Signal Lines
bullet10 Amp Replaceable Fuse
bulletTest Jacks for Signal Line Monitoring
bullet"Power ON" Indicator
bulletNEMA 4X Enclosure-Polycarbonate Standard, Stainless or Fiberglass

Specifications AC Power

Technology:  3-Stage Series Hybrid
Input Vo ltage:    120 VAC 50160 Hz
Output Current:  10 amps max.
Response Time:  5 Nanoseconds
Maximum Surge Current:(8x20us)   l0kA
Occurrences at 500 amps:  >50

Specifications Signal Line

(See PC-642 Data Sheet)
Technology:   Series Hybrid
Peak Surge Current:  10k amps
Response Time:   <1 nanosecond
Voltage Clamp (customer selected):   8-200volts
Series Resistance   4.7Ohms to 15 Ohms (depending on model)

Ordering Information


bulletFiberglass (Special) (3)
bulletStainless Steel (Option (2)
bulletPolycarbonate (Standard) (1)
bulletNone (0)

Standard Enclosure

bulletGlass-filled polycarbonate base
bulletCover molded in clear polycarbonate
bulletKnockouts for 112" and 314" hubs
bulletBosses for 6 BZ x 3/8" self-tapping screws
bulletMaximum protection - Total insulation
bulletCorrosion resistant
bulletResists temperature of 2480F
bulletFlammability rating ULY4-5V
bulletNominal outside dimensions (inches)
H 6.89, W=6.89, D=2.95

Optional Enclosures

bulletStainless Steel or Fiberglass
bulletContinuous Hinge
bulletNominal Outside Dimensions (inches) H=10, W=8, D=4


0 Without PC 642
1 With PC642


Indicate voltage for PC-642 (036 is standard for 28V/4-20MA Signal Line)

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