Traffic Signaling Surge Protectors

SPA Series

The SPA-100T is a medium duty AC service surge arrestor which is solid state in design. It is intended for equipment which is located in outdoor cabinets exposed to lightning transients. Application examples are railroad equipment, motor control cabinets, flasher cabinets, and traffic controllers.


bulletNo follow current
bullet5 nanosecond response time
bulletAutomatic recovery
bullet120 VAC, 60 Ampere Service
bulletFlame-retardant epoxy encapsulated


Repetitive Peak Surge Current 15,000 Amp (8 x 20&micros*)
Peak Surge Voltage (at 10kA) 680 Volts
Energy Handling 220 Joules
Power Dissipation Rate 1.5 watts max.
Continuous AC Voltage 130 VAC rms
Initial Breakdown (lma) 212 Volts
Typical Capacitance 4000 picofarads
Connections stud (s.s. #10:32)
Operating Temperature -40oC to +85oC
Dimensions 1.5" x 2" x 0.5"

The SP-60B is an economical method of protecting circuitry associated with 120 VAC interconnect signal lines commonly used in traffic control systems from lightning and transient surges.

The product is offered in four variations. The SPA-60BL, protects one circuit and is furnished with two leads. The SPA-60BL-2 is identical except it protects two circuits and is furnished with three leads.

The SPA-60BS protects one circuit and consists of one lead and a stud (also used for mounting). The SPA-60BS-2 is identical except it protects two circuits and consists of two leads and a stud.

In the presence of normal interconnect line voltage and frequency (60 Hz) the SPA-60B possesses the ideal characteristics of high impedance across the protector and no impedance in series with the line. In the presence of transients, the protector appears as very low impedance, thereby shunting the surge to ground.


bulletReduces costly damage to electrical/electronic equipment
bulletClamps overvoltage surges caused by lightning or switching Transients
bulletResponds in nanoseconds
bulletAutomatically recovers after surge is dissipated
bulletVery economical
bulletIdeal for 120 VAC interconnect
bulletHandles repeated surges


Peak surge trip point:
  600 V/Ás impulse
  3000 V/Ás impulse

Less than 890 volts nominal
Less than 950 volts nominal
Surge Response Time Less than 200 nanoseconds @ 10kV/Ás
Surge handling ability:
Peak current (single pulse) (8x20Ás)
Occurrences @ 10kA

20,000 amperes per circuit
25 times minimum
Discharge voltage Under 200 volts @ 1000 amps
Insulation Resistance Greater than 100 megohms
Operating line voltage 120VAC, RMS signal phase
Absolute maximum
  Operating line current

1 ampere
Temperature range -40oC to +85oC
   BL Types
   BS Types

1.50" x 5" x .8"
1.05" square
Weight 2 oz
Mounting Studs No. 10:32 x 3/8" S.S.
Leads 12", #14 ga. wire


Stud Mounted Unit: Connect black lead to interconnect signal line near entry point into cabinet. Shorten lead as much as possible. Bolt unit to clean metal surface bonded to power/earth ground (cabinet in most cases).

Lead Supported Unit: Shorten leads. Connect between the interconnect signal line and power/earth ground.

NOTE: This product is intended for use on 120VAC interconnect lines. Do not use on AC service or power lines.

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