EDCO Telecom/Datacom Surge Protection Products



EDCO models SRA75OCX and SRA750CXN are coaxial surge suppressor devices designed for specialty applications such as repeater I duplexer antenna and other radio type communications.

The SRA75OCX (UHF connectors) offers low loss even at frequencies approaching 500 Mhz. This is important for error-free data communication applications. The protector also features a replaceable cartridge.

The SRA75OCXN (N connectors) offers low loss at frequencies up to I gigahertz.

Features & Benefits

bulletAutomatic Recovery
bulletReplaceable cartridge
bulletLow insertion loss
bulletEasily installed
bulletHandles 200 Watts output
bulletUL 497B Listed


SRA75O-CX                    (UHF connectors)
SRA75O-CXN                  (N connectors)
Attenuation                    0.1db @ 500Mhz
Response Time               100ns @ 10kv/µs
Spark-over Voltage         750 volts @ 10kv/A typ.
Surge Handling,              1 time 5kA (8x20µs)
Weight                           4 oz.
Dimensions                    3.0" x 1.5" x 1.5"
Matching Z                     50 Ohms


Protector must be placed within five feet of the equipment to be protected and at a point in the coax line where the VSWR does not exceed 2:1 to prevent high RF voltages from triggering the unit. If outdoor use is planned, it is necessary to coat thoroughly all surfaces (after attaching coax and ground wire) with a good sealer/protector. It is absolutely necessary to attach a direct earth ground wire to the nut and washers on the cartridge. A short, Building Approved ground connection is essential for proper operation of the protector.


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