AC Plug-In Surge Protection - Edco TS-100

The TS-100 is an advanced power line surge protector designed to meet IEEE Category A and B performance specifications. The TS-1OO features totally solid-state construction, for reliability and quick responses to surges. A special thermal safety feature activates in the rare event of internal component failure. Only excessive heat will activate this feature, not surges. This facilitates an important safety precaution often overlooked in similar products. Automatic recovery after each surge make this an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications. The neon lamp, when illuminated verifies the power protection is operational.


bulletSolid State Protection
bulletInstant Recovery after Surge
bulletNanosecond Response Time
bulletTwo Protected Outlets
bulletSpecial Thermal Safety Feature
bulletNormal Mode Protection
bulletcommon Mode Protection
bulletUL 1449 Listed


 Continuous Current Rating 15 Amps
Maximum Single Pulse 
Transient Current
6500 Amps (8 x 20us)
Maximum Energy 
Handling Rating
240 Joules
Operating Temperature 0o to 55oC
Indicator (illuminated 
when operational)
Response Time <5 Nanoseconds
UL Suppressed Voltage 
Rating (all modes)
400 Volts
Continuous Operating 
Voltage Rating
120 VAC Phase 3-Wire 

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