AC Plug-In / Telephone / Video Surge Protection
Edco TS-1000


bulletInstant Recovery Time
bulletCommon Mode Surge Protection
bulletNormal Mode Surge Protection
bulletNanosecond Response Time
bulletThermal Protect Temperature
bulletUnique Thermal Safety Feature
bulletTotally Solid-State Protection
bulletFour Protected Outlets
bulletPlugs Directly into Duplex outlet
bulletLoad removed if unit fails
bulletOperational Indicator Lamp
bulletUL 1449 Listed


TS-1000 - 120V, 6A TVSS
TS-1000T - TS-1000 w/phone (RJ11) Line Protection
TS-1000V - TS-1000 w/Video (CATV) Protection


SPECIFICATIONS - Telephone (RJ-11) Protection

 DC-Breakover Voltage: T-R, T-G, R-G 300-380V
Stand-Off Voltage (min) +/- 180V
Leakage Current (max@ 60Hz) <10µa
Holding Current (min) 260ma
Peak On-State Voltage: It=1A 3V
Response Time <1ns
Peak Pulse Current (10x 100ux):
Applied between T-R, T-G, R-G
Applied Simultaneously T-G and R-G200A

100 A
 Capacitance (50 VDC Bias) < 100 pf

Includes 7' cable with male RJ's

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