Polyphaser Grounding Equipment

CU-SPGP (Copper Single Point Ground Panel)


Where a grounded entrance panel cannot be installed due to ownership, etc. and it is desired to provide proper and effective protection to a small group or rack(s) of equipment, this panel may be used to mount/ground protectors and to establish a single point grounding location for grounding the racks/chassis of equipment.

bulletSimple install
bulletFits 16" on center stud construction
bulletCopper plate 0.062"
bulletMelamine covered particle board
bulletMount products at desired location on plate
Option: 20" Center Stud Mounting


CU-SPGP Copper Single Point Ground Panel with:
4 concrete anchors
10 mounting screws
2 rolls 10' x 1-1/2" copper strap
2 copper sandwich bars


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