Polyphaser Grounding Solutions

Grounding System Internal to External Kit - GSIE SERIES

THIS PRODUCT IS OBSOLETE. Please all our office at 1-800-543-8790 for replacement solutions.


The Surge Protection Grounding System Internal to External (GSIE) is uniquely designed to provide a high quality, low inductance path to ground for existing sites as well as new construction. This system assures that surge protectors, as well as the coax or wove guide, are properly grounded. The GSIE Series can be used with multi-port entry panel systems and features copper straps and ground bars which attach to the existing perimeter ground system.

bulletOffers ease of installation to utilize grounding kits and surge protectors
bulletQuality copper construction provides low inductance path to ground
bulletSingle point grounding capability tied to perimeter grounding system
bulletAccommodates existing and new shelter construction (wall thickness of 5" to 8")
bulletDiverts lightning energy to earth prior to reaching equipment
bulletAssembly access hardware is internal to shelter tamper resistant)
bulletWeathertight seals included
bulletAccessory options GSIE KIT 1, GSIE KIT 2 and UNI-KIT
bullet Patent Pending


GSIE-8 21.4"x2.5"
GSIE-12 31.6" x 25"


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