Polyphaser Power Mains In-Line Type Line Surge Protector

IS-IL Series


Where outside originating line surges are a problem and they must be shunted and filtered to protect sensitive electronic equipment.
bulletSingle, bi and three phase
bullet120, 208, 240, 400 and 480Vac
bulletBuilt-in redundancy - dual stages per phase with pi-network, low pass filtering
bulletSurge energy is shunted to ground, not to neutral
bulletNeutral protection for single earthed neutral sites
bulletFront panel circuit breaker indicators
bulletRemote local status dry contacts
bullet100 and 200A load currents per phase
bulletProtectors individually circuit breakered won't interrupt load power
bulletField replaceable protection blocks/circuit breakers if needed
bulletNRTL UL 1449 listed NRTL/C LR#106164-3
bulletNot weather resistant



Surge: 45kA per phase EC 1000-4-5 8/20 waveform
Turn-on Time: Not defined due to filtering
EMI/RFI Filtering: (MIL-STD-2 201 -30dB 1 .2MHz, -30dB 8MHz, -31 .4dB 10MHz
Temperature: -20oC to +40oC Storage/Operating


Surge Protector Model Ac Voltage Phase Type Total Unit Surge Current** Peak dc Volts@3kA Phase to Gnd** (No-Load) Surge Turn-on Phase to Gnd dc (ac)***
IS-IL120-SP* 120 Single 90kA 400V 205 (145)
IS-IL208-3Y* 208 Three 175kA 400V 205 (145)
IS-IL240-SP* 240 Single 90kA 700V 360 (255)
IS-IL240-BP* 240 Two (US only) 130kA 400V 205 (145)
IS-IL400-3Y* 400 Three 175kA 700V 360 (255)
IS-IL480-3Y* 480 Three 175kA 850V 425 (300)
* You must odd desired Power Per Phase (- 100A or -200A)
to product number when ordering (i.e. IS-IL 1 20-SP- 1 OQA)
*Based on 8/20 wave form ***Phase to Phase = 2 times


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