Polyphaser dc Blocked Antenna Lightning Surge Protection


   AL-LSXM: N conn. 
     AL-LSXM-RT: Reverse Polarity - TNC conn.

PolyPhaser's newest lightning protector, the Micro LSX is dc blocked for the ultimate in equipment protection. Comprehensive testing proved the industry's finest RF and surge performance characteristics with this unique patent pending design. The ultra compact footprint incorporates a fully integrated connector housing that is completely weatherized and will be available in various connector configurations. The LSX Series for Wireless Local Loop Services is maintenance free and recommended for transmitters as well as receivers.


bulletIndustry's Best RE Performance
bulletCompact, Integrated Connector Housing
bulletFully Weatherized
bulletdc Blocked
bulletIndustry's Lowest Throughput Energy
bulletMaintenance Free
bulletMulti-Strike Capability
bulletUniversal Flange Mounting Bracket

*Patent Pending

Technical Specifications
(per Qualification Testing)

Surge: IEC 1000-4-5 8/20Ás @ 10kA 
Frequency Range: 2.0 to 6.0GHz
Return Loss:
Insertion Loss:
RF Power: 10W continuous
Operational Temperature Range: -40oC to +85oC
Throughput Energy: </= 0.5ÁJ for 3kA @8/20Ás 
Peak Let-Through Voltage: </= ▒3 volts for (6kV/3kA @8/20Ás 


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