Polyphaser dc Injector/dc Path Protectors

DC Path-MW Downconverted Coaxial Surge Protectors


80Hz and up Microwave Systems that use Gunnplexers and have 50 to 500MHz lf frequencies with power and/or data or error signals in the dc to 0.5MHz band. Two are required for complete surge  protection - one inside the tower top unit and one inside the hut at the bulkhead panel.


bulletEmploys UL497B listed gas tube
bulletTransceive bi-directional to signals
bulletIsolates and protects standard telco battery power on coax from lightning and transient surges
bulletPatented design separates the dc from the RF, protects each optimally and recombines them
bulletBulkhead mounting/grounding (flange mount adapter)
bulletLower throughput energy than dc continuity protectors
(dc type protectors with a gas tube will not handle the 
voltage and current for this application without the tube
staying on and destroying itself with the first strike)
bulletNot weather resistant
bulletWeatherize using WK-1
bulletMulti-strike capability
bulletNEMP rated
bulletAluminum enclosure 18-8 stainless steel hardware
bulletN silver shell and gold center pin

Mil Specs: Many - call with requirements


SPECIFICATIONS: Surge: 20kA IEC 1000-4-5 8/20Ás waveform 138 Joules
Turn-on: -66Vdc 2Vdc ▒10%
Turn-on Time: 4ns for 2kV/ns
VSWR: 1.2 to 1 over frequency range
Insertion Loss: Usage Current: 2.0Adc continuous
Frequency Range: dc to 0.5MHz and 50MHz to 500MHz
Temperature: -45oC to +85oC Storage Operating +50oC
Vibration: 1G up to 100Hz


IS-MDSOLNZ (N connectors, bulkhead mount*) Throughput Energy (typical) 3.13ÁJ

Add suffix. -MA for male antenna part connector
                  -ME for male equipment port connector
Flange Mount Adapter available
Energy based on 6kV/3kA 8/20Ás waveform


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