PolyPhaser ac Power Protectors

Multi-Suppressor Rack Panel with Built-In Power Line Surge Protector


Where a bulkhead panel can't be installed and an equipment rack must be protected from surges and lightning. All inputs and outputs should have protection and be grounded in common with the rack.

bulletProvides a low inductance, single point grounding location
bulletStandard 19" rack size by 3.5" high and 1 8" aluminum
bulletHas IS-PLDO surge protector built on the panel
bulletCopper blocks sandwich 1-1/2" x 20" copper strap for grounding
bulletMounts up to three coaxial protectors
bulletMounts either single or dual twisted pair protectors
bulletU.S. 15A models NRTL listed UL #1449

You may mount any three models from Group A or any two models from Group A and one model from Group B or any two models from Group B with any one model from Group A. Female connectors only.

GROUP B: Any Small Box Type, Aluminum Enclosure Protector

NOTE: You may not have all three models from Group B.


Surge: 20kA IEC 1000-4-5 8/20Ás waveform 800J (120Vac) 1.kJ (240Vac)
Turn-on: 200Vdc (120Vac), 370Vac (240Vac)
Turn-on Time: Not defined due to filtering
EMI/RFI Filtering: (Measured to MIL-STD-220) -50dB @ 5MHz, -55dB @ 70MHz, -45dB @ 140MHz
Surge Let-Through Voltage: 6kV 3kA 8/ 2Ás waveform
400Vp to 10kA, 600Vp to 20kA (l20Vac)
700Vp to 10kA, 1000Vp to 20kA (240Vac)
Temperature: +50oC to +40oC Storage/Operating


IS-MSRP-120US15A* 120Vac with 1.5" cord, 15A, Duplex
IS-MSRP-120US20A 120Vac with 6" cord, 20A, Duplex
IS-MSRP-240US15A 240Vac with 10" cord, 15A, Duplex
IS-MSRP-240AU10A 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 10A, Duplex
IS-MSRP-240CE15A 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15A, Single
IS-MSRP-240UK10A 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 10A, Single
IS-MSRP-240IN15A 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15A, Single
IS-MSRP-240IS15A 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15A, Single

*Sixplex outlet adapter available for 120Vac US 15A.
Other international plug styles available.


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