Polyphaser Grounding Solutions

Cable Entrance Panels - Bulkhead - PB SERIES


Where coaxial cables enter a facility and both grounding of the outside shield and coaxial protectors are desired to protect electronic equipment from lightning and surges as well as for establishing a central single point ground location

bulletAccommodates cable from 1/2" ta 3-1/8" diameter
bulletWeather-boot protected cable grounding kit
bullet6" wide 15' long capper straps provide low inductance, large surface area conductors with sandwich bar connection and joint compound for system lug or exothermic interconnection to the perimeter ground cable
bullet18-8 stainless steel hardware & 300 series stainless clamps
bulletBoot made of EPDM +300, -60F, excellent UV and atmospheric stability, expands to 200% to fit over cable
bulletRemovable universal pre-punched protector mounting plates on U-panel allow for easy installation and for rigid or elliptical line penetrations
bulletU-panel allows for indoor access only to the coax connections for a safe, dry and reliable installation
bulletU-panel provides a low inductance grounding means for the coaxial protectors and can be used as a central single point ground for the entire facility


Material: C110 half hard copper
Hardware: Stainless steel and brass
Boats: UV 6 weather resistant EPDM rubber


All the parts listed below  in black have been replaced by:


Combinations may be made by multiples of the 5 and 8 port systems.

3PB 3 port system, two 6" wide straps
5PB 5 port system, two 6" wide straps
8PB 8 port system, two 6" wide straps
10PB 10 port system, four 6" wide straps (two-5PB)
16BP 16 port system, four 6" wide straps (two-8PB)
24PB 24 port system, four 6" wide straps (three-8PB)


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