Polyphaser Line Extension Protectors - 120/240Vac

IS-PLDO and IS-PLSO Surge Protection Series


Where equipment requires power line protection for surges and lightning. This unit ‘will provide proper protection, filtering and grounding since it has an all metal grounded enclosure.

bulletNRTL listed UL #1449 (Domestic only)
bulletIn-line multi-stage (EMP rated) protectors
bulletAll aluminum grounded enclosure/panel for lower inductance
bulletMulti-strike capability
bulletCircuit breakered for added protection
bulletMaster on/off switch
bulletCan be mounted/grounded to a Copper Single Point Ground Panel (See page 42)
bulletCrimped and soldered terminal construction for reliability
bulletDuplex outlet adaptable to six outlets (Domestic)
bulletIS-PLDO models are duplex outlets
bulletIS-PLSO models are single outlets


IS-PLDO-12OUS15A for 12OVac with 15 cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLDO-120US20A for 120Vac with 6 cord, 20 Amps
IS-PLDO-240US15A for 240Vac with 10’ cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLDO-240AU10A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 10 Amps
IS-PLSO-240CE15A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLSO-2401N15A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLSO-240IS15A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLSO-240UKl0A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 10 Amps
Other international plug styles available. The international Plug Patterns are here


Surge: 120kA IEC 1000-4-5 8/20µ waveform 800J (120Vac) 1.4kJ (240Vac)
Turn-on: 200Vdc (120Vac(, 370Vdc (240Vac)
Turn-on Time: Not defined due to filtering
EMI/RFI Filtering: (Measured to MIL-STD-220)
-50dB @ 5MHz, -55dB @ 70MHz, -45dB @ 140MHz
Surge Let-Through Voltage: 6kV/3kA 8/20µ waveform
400Vp to 10kA, 600Vp to 20kA (12OVac)
700Vp to 10kA, 1000Vp to 20kA (240Vac)
Temperature: +50C to +40C Storage/Operating


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