Polyphaser Line Extension Protectors - 120/240Vac

IS-PLDO and IS-PLSO Series


Where equipment requires power line protection for surges/lightning. This unit ‘will provide proper protection, filtering and grounding since it has an all metal grounded enclosure.

bulletNRTL listed UL #1449 (Domestic only)
bulletIn-line multi-stage (EMP rated) protectors
bulletAll aluminum grounded enclosure/panel for lower inductance
bulletMulti-strike capability
bulletCircuit breakered for added protection
bulletMaster on/off switch
bulletCan be mounted/grounded to a Copper Single Point Ground Panel (See page 42)
bulletCrimped and soldered terminal construction for reliability
bulletDuplex outlet adaptable to six outlets (Domestic)
bulletIS-PLDO models are duplex outlets
bulletIS-PLSO models are single outlets


IS-PLDO-12OUS15A for 12OVac with 15 cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLDO-120US20A for 120Vac with 6 cord, 20 Amps
IS-PLDO-240US15A for 240Vac with 10’ cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLDO-240AU10A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 10 Amps
IS-PLSO-240CE15A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLSO-2401N15A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLSO-240IS15A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 15 Amps
IS-PLSO-240UKl0A for 240Vac with 2.5m cord, 10 Amps
Other international plug styles available. The international Plug Patterns are here


Surge: 120kA IEC 1000-4-5 8/20µ waveform 800J (120Vac) 1.4kJ (240Vac)
Turn-on: 200Vdc (120Vac(, 370Vdc (240Vac)
Turn-on Time: Not defined due to filtering
EMI/RFI Filtering: (Measured to MIL-STD-220)
-50dB @ 5MHz, -55dB @ 70MHz, -45dB @ 140MHz
Surge Let-Through Voltage: 6kV/3kA 8/20µ waveform
400Vp to 10kA, 600Vp to 20kA (12OVac)
700Vp to 10kA, 1000Vp to 20kA (240Vac)
Temperature: +50C to +40C Storage/Operating


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