Polyphaser Power Mains Shunt Type Line Surge Protector


For building service entrances where lightning energy may be shunted to an outside ground before it enters the building. The distance between the entrance and a sensitive electronic load should not be more than 0 feet unless another (in-line) protector is also being used on a single point ground.

bulletNRTL UL1449 MET approved (120, 208 & 240Vac only)
bulletSingle, bi and three phase
bullet120, 208, 240, 400 and 480Vac
bulletSurge energy is shunted to earth, not to neutral
bulletNeutral protection for single earthed neutral sites
bulletRemote/local status dry contacts
bulletProtectors individually circuit breakered will not interrupt load power
bulletField replaceable protection blocks

Mil Specs: Many call with requirements


Surge: 40kA per phase IEC 1000-4-5 8/20 waveform 
Turn-on Time:
25ns for full lead length 2kV/ns 
+5oC to +40oC Storage/Operating


AC Voltage Phase Type Total Unit Surge Current ** Peak dc Volts@3kA Phase to Gnd** (No Load) Surge Turn-on Phase to Gnd dc(ac) ***
IS-PM120-SP* 120 Single 80kA 400V 205 (145)
IS-PM208-3Y* 208 Three 160kA 400V 205 (145)
IS-PM240-SP* 240 Single 80kA 700V 360 (255)
IS-PM240-BP* 240 Two (US only) 120kA 400V 205 (145)
IS-PM400-3Y* 400 Three 160kA 700V 360 (255)
IS-PM480-3Y 480 Three 160kA 850V 425 (300)

*NRTL/MET Listed to Ut 1449

* *Bosed on 8/20 waveform



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