Telephone Station Protector Modules
TII 166 Wire Terminal Enclosure



bulletRugged Plastic Housing
bulletEasy Installation
bulletTermination For Up To Six Pairs
bulletOptional Ground Stud Available
bulletUL Listed

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The TII 166 Series Wire Terminal Enclosures are used to connect drop wire and bridle wire to cable or open wire. The enclosure is made of a durable polymer material that is rugged and safe enough to be used as a station protector housing.

The TII 166 is equipped #10 studs for terminating six pairs, and can be ordered with an optional stud for terminating ground. The standard hardware configuration consists of   three washers and one hex nut per stud/ground.

The enclosure can also be ordered with additional hardwareonsisting of six washers and two hex nuts per stud/ground.

The TII 166 features scalloped sides designed to provide easy internal access. each enclosure has two wire entrance grommets and a snap fit hinged cover with provisions for a tie wrap along with mounting holes for wall or pole mounting.


Example: 166 12 2 2 = Wire terminal Enclosure equipped to terminate 6 pairs with 1 ground stud in the bottom position and additional hardware.
Number of Pairs Required Ground Stud Hardware
00 -empty (No Studs) 0 - No Ground Studs 1-Standard Hardware
(3 washers, 1 hex nut)*
12 - To Terminate 6 pairs 2 - 1 Ground Stud Bottom Position 2-Additional Hardware
(6 washers, 2 hex nuts)*
* per  stud/ground
NOTE: Additional configurations are available based on volume requirements. Please contact Customer Service at (800-543-8790) 
DIMENSIONS: Height 2 3/4"
Width 4 1/4"
Length 6"