TII 347 Series

bulletMolded Of Durable, Weather Resistant Theroplastic
bulletEasy Installation
bulletExpandable to Two Pair
bulletAccommodates A Wide Variety Of Station Protectors Or Cross-Connect Modules
bulletUL Listed

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The TII 347 Series Station Protector consists of one GSSP sealed protector and one MXC-350 sealed cross-connect module in a TII 166 type enclosure with molded in ground stud. The TII enclosure is molded of durable, weather resistant thermoplastic that is made to resist cracking, crazing, and discoloration. The hinged cover is designed to fit snugly to the base to provide maximum protection against environmental conditions and the intrusion of any foreign matter. A captive nylon nut is provided to give a degree of tamper proofing, and or the ease of installation and removal. The enclosure can be ordered with out the captive insulated nut.

For added security, the cover can be sealed in the field with a tie wrap or similar device. A flexible grommet in the base is provided to seal the wiring exit area, allowing room for drop, ground, and station wiring.

A threaded stud provides a common ground point for grounding and bonding the shield of buried drop, as well as securing one or two TII protector modules and cover.


347 25 1 77 1 TII Enclosure with cover nut and one TII GSSP-350 (Gel Sealed Station Protector) and one MXC-350 (Gel Sealed Cross-Connect Module)
20 pieces
DIMENSIONS Height: 2 3/4"
Width: 4 1/4"
Length: 6"