TII Network Interface Devices



The TII 3700 Broadband Outdoor Network Interface Device is a versatile housing which will accommodate a variety of coaxial and copper twisted pair drop combinations.

Each Customer Bridge Module is capable of accepting a standard
RJ-11 plug for customer troubleshooting.

TIIís 3700 is constructed of superior materials capable of withstanding harsh indoor and outdoor environments, such as UV degradation, chemical exposure and cold temperatures, even in severe cases.

The low profile of TIIís Broadband Outdoor Network Interface Device allows complete access to all components for ease of installation and servicing.

TIIís 3700 includes such innovative features as totally sealed protection modules capable of exceeding Bellcore requirements for sealed terminations. Protection modules exceed Bellcore GR-1361-CORE "Generic Requirements For Gas Tube Protectors" and Bellcore TR-NWT-000975, "Generic Requirements For Unprotected Terminal Blocks"..

TIIís unique, superior performing Customer Bridge Module (CBM) includes TIIís Auto-JackTM RJ-1 1 which is protected from the environment, requires no RJ-1 1 plug, and exceeds Bellcore "Severe Climatic" requirements for first and second level lightning surges resulting in unsurpassed performance not found until now. Tip and ring customer terminations are equipped with insulated screw terminals. Four color coded terminations are also available.

Tllís Broadband Outdoor Network Interface Device supports RG-6 coax drops providing straight through or protected bulkhead connections. Each connection is situated in the enclosure to provide ample working space and to meet critical bend radius (10 times diameter) requirements for coax cable. TIIís Coax Service Module (OSM) will accommodate TIIís In -Lines Coax Surge Protector. This Coax Module also utilizes low cost/high performance "F" connectors and easily snaps into the standard Customer Bridge Module position. This same module is available with fiber optic connections for future upgrade

For special customer ground situations (ie: partyline service, coin phone), a ground termination point is located in the upper most position of the customer compartment.

All internal components--protector modules, customer bridges and coax modules are completely modular allowing simple field expansion. Standard features such as customer locking/telco bypass, separate customer and telco compartments and fully hinged covers are all part of TIIís Broadband Outdoor Network Interface Device.



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