TII 410, 411, 422, 423 AC Power Series

 TII hybrid Powerline Surge Protectors use the synergistic action of Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVS) and the TII Maximum Duty gas tube arrester to guard against dangerous and destructive poweline surges caused by switching, lightning and other transient sources.

A major producer of overvoltage and surge protection products for the telecommunications Industry for more than 25 years, TII has designed a combination of components that provides superior protection characteristics on ac powerlines.

These components are a hybrid of very fast acting solid state devices and very high power dissipation gas tube devices. Together these components act in a way that is superior In performance to that which any arrangement of either component used alone can provide.

TII products with this combination of components can be used on 120 volt service with up to 15, 20 and 30 amp loads. They protect sensitive electronic equipment such as PABX, key telephone systems and data

systems. Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) respond to fast rise time, lower energy content pulses and limit the peak voltages seen by the protected equipment. On higher energy surges, the major portion of the surge current will be diverted from the MOV to the gas tube which can handle many times the peak current of an MOV or an avalanche diode. This sharing of surge current again limits the peak voltage seen by the protected equipment

As both Industrial and consumer electronic equipment becomes more sophisiticated, it has become more obvious that additional protection techniques beyond those used in the past will be required. In some instances products that only limit peak voltages will not be sufficient and additional circuitry will be necessary.

This can be seen today in the need for filters as part of the overall protection scheme of a powerline protector. The TII line of Powerline Surge Protectors Includes units both with and without filters and units with and without the line cords for a full line of products to meet both end user and OEM applications.

(Patent No. 4,068.217)


The TII 410 provides patented protection that includes the TII Maximum Duty three-electrode gas tube arrester, MOV and self-restoring thermal circuit breaker. The unit contains a screw terminal connector block for direct power wiring and ground clamp assembled on a metal base plate. It comes with a plastic cover for mounting in exposed locations such as a wall or the side of an equipment cabinet. It is recommended for circuits where there is a high incidence of transient spikes or surges on the powerline.

The TII 410 is available In both 20 amp and 30 amp ratings.




Dimensions: 4.25" x 5.25" x 2.25"
Weight: 14 oz.
Standard Package: 1/5 pieces


MODEL                    DESCRIPTION
TII 410BM20             120V Powedine Surge Protector                                    with cover, 20 amp. UL Listed
TII 410BM30             120V Powenline Surge Protector                                    with cover, 30 amp

TII 411, 422, 423-120 VOLT POWERLINE SURGE
PROTECTORS (with line cord options)
(Patent No, 4,068,277)


These units consist of a Maximum Duty three-electrode gas tube, an MOV, a thermal circuit breaker, and plug and receptade cables mounted on an assembly base. All models are identical except for the cord selection and each one comes with a plastic cover for mounting in exposed locations such as a wall or the side of an equipment cabinet.

This product series is available with 15, 20 and 30 amp line cords with standard and twist-lock connectors.

TII 411BM15

TII 422BM15

TII 422BM20

TII 422BM30

TII 423BM20
120V Powerline Surge Protector with NEMA 5-15P Plug and 5-1 SR Receptacle, 15 Amp
120V Powerline Surge Protector with HUBBELL 4720C Plug and 4729C Receptade, 15 Amp
120V Powerline Surge Protector with HUBBELL 2311
and 2313 Receptacle, 20 Amp
120V Powerline Surge Protector with HUBBELL 2611
and 2513 Receptacle, 30 Amp
120V Powerline Surge Protector with NEMA 5-20P
Plug and 5-20R Receptade, 20 Amp
Dimensions: 4-.25" x 5.25" x 2.25"
411- 1 lb. 8 oz.
412 - l lb. 8 oz.
423 - 1 lb. 14 oz.
Standard Package: 115 pieces


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