Network Interface Devices



The TII 763 Indoor Network Interface Device is molded of durable, weather-resistant, high-impact thermoplastic that has years of field experience. The side-opening, hinged main cover closes with a customer locking/telco bypass security feature. A restricted access telephone company compartment and a customer network interface compartment are located under the main cover.

The telephone company compartment of the TII 763 is secured behind a hinged cover with a 3/8" hex head security screw.

The TII 763 is designed for 1 to 6 pair capacity with optional built-in electronics. TII's unique, superior performing Customer Bridge Module (CBM) includes TII's Auto-JackTM RJ-11 which is protected from the environment, requires no RJ-11 plug, and exceeds Bellcore "Severe Climatic" requirements for first and second level lightning surges resulting in unsurpassed performance not found until now.

Tip and ring customer terminations are equipped with insulated screw terminals. Each lockable Customer Bridge Module is capable of accepting standard RJ-11 plug for customer troubleshooting and snaps into place.

Detailed instructions for wiring and testing are provided on the inside of the main cover and or the inside of the telco cover.

For special customer ground situations (ie partyline service, coin phone), a ground termination point is located in the upper mos position of the customer compartment. This ground termination point is connected to the telco ground, thus eliminating the hazardous potential of different grounds.

The TII 763 is available with or without a 6 cable stub.

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