National Electric Code - NEC Article 830C

The National Electric Code Article 830C provides "Primary electrical protection shall be provided on all network-powered broadband communications conductors ..."

In response, TII has produced surge protectors for cable that fully satisfy NEC requirements. They optimize shielding of equipment from damage by grounding the outer shield while protecting the center conductor from the damaging effects of lightning.

In addition to protection for cable telephony services, these broadband protectors provide protection for investments in expensive digital cable boxes, stereos, cable modems, digital satellite TV systems and HDTV sets.

With the increased costs of on-premise customer service calls, these very inexpensively priced products can save cable companies thousands of dollars.

Patented Protection against Lightning

Our experience goes back a long way. We have been protecting home telephone lines for over 30 years. And from the beginning, we've been dedicated to the design and manufacture of advanced surge protection devices to safeguard life and sensitive electronic equipment.

the singular focus has paid off. Our innovative research and development has resulted in a wealth of patents for gas tubes and related protection devices.

Unparalleled RF Parameters

By going beyond conventional designs, our products can handle high energy surges with very low capacitance and low arc voltage. Our coaxial protectors easily exceed both SCTE and Bellcore requirements.

The fact is, no other device in the industry can match our exceptional performance. and with our UL listing you're assured excellent fire protection as well.

Coaxial Inline Surge Protectors
Coax Protector with Ground Block