TII 3-Electrode Gas Tubes



These high reliability gas filled TII surge arresters are used for the protection of telephone, communication, fire alarm and security Systems and traffic controllers from the effects of surges or transients occurring on the signal and low voltage power supply lines.

One three-electrode arrester protects the user and equipment on the line conductor pair; both line to ground gaps are in a single sturdy, hermetically sealed enclosure. When a surge occurs on the line, operation of the two gaps is almost simultaneous, causing low impedance conduction of energy to ground; after the surge is cleared the arrester reverts to its normal high impedance condition.

These arresters may be mounted in fuse type clips but are more frequently used in TII environmentally proofed protector modules designed for various classes of applications. Tubes are color coded for identification of dc breakdown voltage. The breakdown voltage code (A, B or C) should be included with the model number as a suffix in parenthesis(*). Voltage code is recommended for normal telephone station service.


bulletProvides Maximum Duty three-electrode gas tube protection
bulletREA Accepted Per PE-BO
bulletAutomatically resets
bulletReduces costly maintenance
bulletRecommended for use on telephone, communication, fire alarm and security Systems, and traffic controllers


Breakdown Voltage Codes for Gas Tube Arresters



DC Breakdown


A 150-300 Green
B 300-500 Orange
C 500-900 Slate

Specifications TII-11 Heavy Duty TII-31 Maximum Duty
Impulse Life-1000A, 10/ 1000 usec waveform (500A each line to ground simultaneously) either polarity: 400 surges minimum
600 surges typical
1000 surges minimum
1500 surges typical
DC Breakdown Votage (Line to Ground) A 150-200V
B 300-500V
C 500-900V
A 150-300V
B 300-500V
C 500-900V
AC Discharge Current, 11 cycles, 60 Hz: 130A rms (65A each line to ground simultaneously) 400A rms (200A each line to ground simultaneously)
Maximum Single Impulse Discharge Current 8/20 usec waveform: 20kA (l0kA each line to ground simultaneously) 40kA (20kA each line to ground simultaneously)
DC Holdover: 150V minimum
150V minimum
Capacitance: Line to Ground: 2pF Line to Line: 1 pF Line to Ground: 4pF Line to Line: 2pF
Impulse Breakdown Voltage (Line to Ground
@100V usec:

500V typical
750V maxmum

750V typical
1000V maximum
500V typical
750V maximum

750V typical
1000V maximum
Insulation Resistance @l00Vdc: 1000 Megohms minimum 1000 Megohms minimum

TII 31 Three-electrode heavy duty gas tube arrester
STD. PKG. 50 UNIT WEIGHT: 0.2 ozs.
0.94' long x 0.306" dia.


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