TII RMC Main or Branch Distribution Panel Surge Supressor



The TII RMC Heavy Duty AC Surge Suppressor is designed for connection at the main or branch service panel to provide protection for sensitive electronic equipment against transients caused by lightning, induction and switching surges.

Typical applications are to provide protection for major facilities (such as telecommunications switching centers, computer centers, office buildings,

manufacturing plants and schools) with 208 volt, three phase, four wire grounded Y service.

The TII RMC Heavy Duty AC Surge Suppressor features total solid state protection elements for reliability and quick response to overvoltage conditions. The RMC is equipped with both neon indicators and relays for remote monitoring. The relays have both normally open and normally closed contacts.

TII RMC 208Y 75R


Heavy Duty AC Surge Suppressor

Height 4" Width 6" Length 8"


TII RMC 208Y 75R

Response Time
Maximum Surge Current
Maximum Energy Absorption 2ms
Clamp Voltage @ 3,000A (L-L)
Clamp Voltage @ 5,000A (LL)
Clamp Voltage @ 1O,OOOA (LL)
Clamp Voltage @ 5,OOOA (L~N)
Clamp Voltage @ 10,OOOA (L-N)
Clamp Voltage @ 10,OOOA (LG)
Clamp Voltage @ 10,OOOA (N-G)
Failure Mode
Failure Indication
Surge Life ® 500A
Surge Life @ 2,OOOA
Surge Life @ 5,OOOA
Surge Life @ 10,OOOA
Operating Temperatures
Protection Modes
Current Leakage
Fusing Systems
<5 Nanoseconds
70,000 Amps per Phase
490 Joules per Phase
800 Volts Nominal
850 Volts Nominal
930 Volts Nominal
425 Volts Nominal
465 Volts Nominal
465 Volts Nominal
465 Volts Nominal
Failsafe (short) and Fused
Neon Indicators, 3 Phases to Neutral 10,000 Occurrences
> 5,000 Occurrences
> 1,000 Occurrences
> 500 Occurrences
-40oC - 85oC
L-L, L-G, L-N, N-G
< 200 uA

Measurements are taken at the component connections. Response time and voltages at the equipment will be greater due to the inductance of the connecting wire to the RMC.
All current test waveforms are 8 x 20us.


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