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Comm-Omni has a variety of Low Voltage DC Surge Protectors for all your applications. Ranging from 8 VDC to 200 VDC in Solid State Protectors with various housing configurations. The most common is a hybrid (solid state and gas) 24VDC 4-20 mA protector for signal and controller lines. These can be used in any industry and are rated at 10,000 Amps Maximum Surge Current.

These lightning and transient surge protectors can be used on telephone lines or data lines as well. They are currently used on military bases and other installations for SECURITY, Splash Mountain at Disney World, waste water treatment plants and fluid controllers everywhere.

Specification and design variations include operating amperage, fused devices, bridge clip designs for telephony and stainless steel models for highly corrosive environments.

Telecom/Datacom Surge Protection

For information on other types of low voltage surge protection, you may want to refer to our Fire Sound & Security surge protection index or the Antenna surge protection index. For a complete list of products, see the Comm-Omni Main Index; for assistance or other information contact our expert consultants at the addresses and numbers below.

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